New York City’s latest teen pregnancy “prevention”campaign is taking us in the wrong direction–not only in terms of its shame and blame approach and its shameless use of children–but also in terms of direction of causality. The causal claims made about the disastrous “consequences” of teen childbearing are a misleading and selective use of research. This site is an attempt to set the record straight about these so-called “facts” about teen childbearing.

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  1. Would also be great to get your thoughts/response to Bloomberg’s defense of the ads. The latest I saw is: “In the day and age of so much media, you have to stand out and do something dramatic,” Bloomberg said. “You have to get through the clutter.”

  2. Thank you for breaking down this campaign. The New York Coalition for Reproductive Justice, which I am part of, has started the “No Stigma! No Shame! Campaign” in response to this. We’d love to have your insight as well. You can find our sign-on letter at nyc4rj.tumblr.com

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